About me


My name is Roberta d’Amore, and I am originally from Madrid, Spain. Although my mother tongue is Spanish, I am bilingual in Italian and I speak almost perfect English.

I see myself as creative by nature and a very communicative person. Possessing great organizational skills, genuine analytical ability, a joy for discovery and learning, and an authentic desire to succeed and develop new skills.

Since I have a recollection of my memories, I have always been passionate about everything related to Art: making it, taking time to understand it, supporting artists, and connecting other Art lovers with the pieces they love but have not seen yet.



I have a Bacherlor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, one of the best Fine Arts programs in Spain. Specializing in painting techniques, color, mimesis and expression with Dr. Manuel Parralo Dorado, who taught Miquel Barcel√≥ while completing his BFA. In addition, I was one of the very few students who got selected to intern at the Prado Museum for two consecutive academic years, and in the last year, I was awarded a one-year paid internship..


Since Contemporary Art is a product subject to an ever-evolving present, scholars are constantly resorting to a diverse array of disciplines, such as Psychoanalysis, Sociology, Philosophy, Semiotics, etc. Holding a Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theories from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I have developed an analytical method to survey Art and, in particular, the sometimes, misunderstood Contemporary Art.


Having completed a Master’s Degree in Art, Law and Business at Christie’s Education in New York, worked for the Post-War and Contemporary Art Department at Christie’s and lived in New York City, I have gained a wider view of the global art market and greatly expanded my network.